Joy Through Christ’s Family Together

Joyfully nurturing Christ-centered relationships, Saint Matthew actively welcomes the surrounding community into our church family.


Each week, God meets us in His Word, at His Supper, and returns us to the Font. Here He gives us gifts in Jesus Christ that this world cannot give – forgiveness, life, and salvation. And so, our GATHERING, GROWING, and Going might begin anew each Sunday, but they certainly don’t end there!

We find joy in gathering together as a family at Saint Matthew. In our world of political, social, relational, and personal exhaustion and turmoil, we find this family God has made us in Jesus to be a refuge and a gift.

No one in it is perfect. We all fall short. No family is without blemish. Yet there is great healing that happens through shared experience, great value in being cared for and loved, great joy in sharing the blessings and challenges of this life - together. A God who knows we are more broken and sinful than we ever dare imagine, yet loves us more than we ever dare hope in Jesus Christ, changes everything about how we live our life together with others.

At Saint Matthew we feel the gift of togetherness as a family is a strength we enjoy by God’s blessing, and we hope to share that gift with others in our lives and neighborhoods. To that end we have committed ourselves to:

  • Purposefully Welcome Guests & Nurture New Members
  • Facilitate Fellowship Events That Strengthen Christian Bonds Within Our Church Family
  • Host Fellowship Events That Build Connections In Our Community
  • Foster A Friendly, Multi-Generational, Family Environment

The Kingdom of God goes beyond any political party, is greater than any physiological difference, and extends further than any social/economic divides, binding us together in eternity in Jesus. At Saint Matthew, that eternity begins here and now as a family of faith.